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What You Need to Know When Installing Granite Countertops

If you are interested in changing something about your house to add more value to it, you should begin with your kitchen. One of the most popular additions to your kitchen that will add more value to it and your overall home is granite countertops. Unfortunately, when people find out the costs of granite materials and their installation, they often stop when they don’t have enough money. For homeowners who are looking forward to get this kitchen addition, here is a quick look at granite countertops in terms of their prices.

When it comes to granite countertops, you have several choices. When it comes to the prices of granite countertops, they are not at all equally expensive. The use of lower quality granite material for your countertop is one way of saving for this kitchen countertop. For countertops, lower quality material is often associated with the rarity of the stone and not its beauty nor durability. If it comes to the price, the most expensive are slab granite countertops because they are formed as a single slab of granite that you need to cut. Granite tiles or remnants, on the other hand, are more affordable, yet they will not look seamless on your countertop that is much desirable for many home.

Before you don’t choose granite for your countertop completely, you have to know if there are cheaper natural stone alternatives for your budget. You can also save better in the installation of granite countertops if you select a granite type that you can install as the homeowner. This option is far from choosing slab granite that involves the use of specialist tools and professional expertise.

When it comes to granite countertop installation, the use of slab granite is the most common. Unfortunately, you are not doing your own installation with this granite option. If you will use giant slabs, they need to be mined off-site and cut to the exact dimensions of your kitchen. You also need to hire the professionals for their installation. The cost of installing slab granite countertops will depend on how easy to get granite near you. You can expect to pay higher when you buy imported exotic stones than those you source locally.

For homeowners wanting a cheaper option of these countertops with a few seams, module granite countertops will do. They use smaller slabs cut into pieces that will fit your kitchen. If you are confident with your DIY skills, you can install them yourself and save four times as much than natural slab stone.

Finally, the cheapest option so far of using granite is granite tile countertops. You can get lower prices even more when you install them yourself. For this countertop, you will install each granite tile into the surface and use epoxy than grout or mortar. When you see floor tiles, they have a lot of seams, and you can expect the same thing with granite tile countertops.

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